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Toddler Chicken Quinoa Burgers

My toddler’s food choices are changing, gone are the days when she would eat and sample everything, now I have to conceal vegetables in anything I can as I am not prepared for her to go without her veggies or good nutrition.

Getting her to eat chicken (we only eat chicken and fish) is also not so easy, she will pick it out of any dish, it’s not the taste but probably the texture she isn’t keen on. With this in mind I decided to buy a mincer, a cheap plastic one in case it was all in vain, to mince up the chicken (not a pleasant task!) and make some mini chicken burgers. They turned out better than expected and she even managed a couple of bites, they did taste delicious, I would have liked some chilli in the mix but they are for the girl not me, although I did manage to polish off test out a couple!


4 x chicken mini fillets, minced
2 x sundried tomatoes
2 tsp red pesto (contains pecorino and grana padano cheeses)
2-3 spring onions, finely chopped
about half a slice of fresh oaty bread, minus the crusts
1 tsp mixed herbs, I used herbes de provence
black pepper to season (optional)
*Quinoa, cooked


Put the chicken fillets along with the sundried tomatoes into the mincer and mince, then put the bread through the mincer, this helps to clear out all the chicken, the fresh bread rather than dried breadcrumbs keep the burger moister.

Add the red pesto, spring onions, mixed herbs and seasoning to taste and combine until all the ingredients are blended in.  Then add 1-2 tablespoons of cooked Quinoa.

Form into small balls, cover and chill for an hour.

Fry gently for 2-3 minutes, patting down into burger shapes, (you can also grill, brush with oil first if you do) on both sides until cooked through.

Serve with mini burger buns and cheese (the red pesto also contains pecorino and Grana pandano cheeses), or in TC’s case eat as a snack, it’s a start!  My next experimental batch will definitely have some vegetable puree blended in.   More from the “toddler test kitchen” soon!
*I cook Quinoa a couple of times a week and keep cooled in the fridge ready for use in a variety of dishes, I added about a tablespoon to the chicken burger mix, add more or less to your taste.