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Kale Crisps

Kale… it’s not my favourite green vegetable but knowing what a superfood it is I have been trying to incorporate it into my diet.  Bursting with vitamins and phytonutrients, so far I have got as far as just steaming it and adding a few pieces to a vegetable soup.   I’ve been looking for healthy snacks as I am a seasoned nibbler, I could graze all day, and I came across Kale crisps so decided to try them myself.

Kale is sold in such large quantities there is always too much for one sitting so the rest sits in the fridge patiently waiting and these crisps use up a good quantity.

  • Wash and dry a couple (or so) handfuls of kale – it does shrink in the oven to make allowances for that.
  • Coat lightly in olive oil, mix with your fingers so all the kale gets covered.
  • Spread thinly over a baking sheet and then add salt/pepper/chilli flakes, etc to your taste
  • Put in oven on a low heat for around 15-20 minutes to basically dehydrate, the longer they are in the oven the crisper they get.

    Kale crisps may not look very appetising, but I was pleasantly surprised how tasty they  were, especially with the seasonings I used.  A very enjoyable snack and super healthy too.  

    Nutritional Info:

    Kale Vitamins A, C, K, folate, magnesium, manganese, quercitin, fibre, antioxidants – carotenoids, flavonoids, sulphur, calcium, omega 3 fatty acids, iron.