5:2 Fasting Diet – Week 1 – First Day

For my first day on the 5:2 fasting “diet” yesterday, I found it easier to work out the caloric values of the foods I was planning on eating in advance as I am so unused to counting calories.  The Fast Diet book has a great little calorie counter in the back plus myfitnesspal app filled in the gaps.

I kept it all very simple, Monday food intake went like this:

Morning:   Black tea with 50ml skimmed milk x 3 cups= 75 calories
Cucumber – 100g – 10 (yes 10!) calories
Cottage Cheese (70% reduced fat, usually buy full fat) – 50g – 35
calories.  Almonds – 10g – 65 calories

Late PM:  Black tea with 50ml skimmed milk x 2 cups – 50 calories
Half slice of Warburtons thin with 20g cottage cheese = 39 calories

By 5pm I was absolutely ravenous, hence the half slice & cottage cheese, I felt I just needed something for my tummy to get hold of until dinner plus I was getting a slight headache.

I drank a lot more water than I usually do too, probably close to 2 litres but it stopped the tummy rumbles more than once!

Dinner:   Alaskan Salmon – 100g – 150 calories baked with ginger, garlic and
lemon – 5 calories – Steamed Broccoli – 100g – 32 calories,
Asparagus – 50g – 15 calories and Courgette – 50g – 18 calories.

Blueberries – 20g – 12 calories

Dinner tasted fabulous (although I never usually eat this much at one sitting), it was really plain and simple apart from the ginger and garlic but I savoured every mouthful and ate much slower than usual.  I did find it hard going in the middle of the day but I think over time it will get easier once I get into the swing of two days fasting and expand my low calorie repetoire.

My total calories for the day were 506 which I am extremely pleased with especially as I thought I would not be able to come in under 600.


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