Getting your 10 a day?

These days I don’t take too much notice about what the news has to say about what we should or should not be doing/taking/eating.  When the headlines roar one day that red wine for example is not recommended then the next we should be imbibing a certain amount each night, it does make me wonder.  

Another new study has suggested that 7-10 and not the usual recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables every day should be the target for those looking to reduce the risk of passing away prematurely and reduce the risk of certain diseases.


“7 a day fruit and veg ‘saves lives’” reports BBC News, while The Daily Telegraph states that “10 portions of fruit and vegetables per day” is best.

Vegetables should be the first 5 on the list, followed by a couple of fruits.  All good so far but the expense of making sure each family member has this level of intake daily can be prohibitive financially.  

What’s the answer?  Blending fruit and veg into smoothies like this Kale, Avocado Superfood smoothie, but it can be most things like apple, pear, carrot, cucumber, celery, tomato, banana, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc.  I’ve even blended salad leaves, just keep tasting along the way if making for little ones, keeping it sweet (apples and carrots are great for this).

Smoothies don’t have to be expensive or exotic, but are a great way to get your 5 or is it 7 or 10 a day!  and remember Avocado’s are technically a fruit (they grow on trees) and Tomatoes (botanically) too!


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