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My Imperia Pasta Maker

I am embarrassed to say I have had my Imperia pasta maker for quite some time, years infact. I bought it wanting to try to make my own pasta from scratch and life events took over in a big way and it got put away.

Imperia Pasta Maker

Imperia Pasta Maker

It feels like a really retro piece of equipment, no batteries or electricity needed and it has 3 heads to make many types of pasta and it also came with this ravioli tray, I absolutely adore ravioli and all the fillings that come to mind, delicious!

I have come across the Pasta Maker a few times and always with good intentions to unbox it finally but as we were and still are going through house renovations, it got put away and the dried pasta used.

Fast forward to last week when watching a food programme I saw them making fresh pasta over several episodes and I thought I have to do this!!!

Could I find the Pasta Maker, of course not, I scoured the whole house and finally found it in what will be another bathroom (one day!) right at the bottom (isn’t always the way) of a pile of belongings!

So, what’s the difference between now and all the other times I promised myself I would make fresh pasta when I’ve stumbled across the box??  I have been taking things a little slower in the last couple of years, trying to savour, enjoy and appreciate life more after the passing of someone very close to me.  Taking things slower has meant I am taking time over things rather than rushing through life at speed, it means sometimes I get less done but it feels like I’ve done it well (most of the time).

Hopefully I’ll also be working my way through my long overdue list of foodie projects as I’ve spent the last few weeks organising my home office and I actually know where everything is now!

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Butternut Squash Goat’s Cheese Lasagne

Butternut Squash Goat’s Cheese Lasagne – Butternut Squash is a favourite of ours, we use it in a lot of dishes and it has been a great weaning vegetable for Toddler ND, it has a sweet, soft taste and is easily steamed or roasted.   Lasagne is one of our weekly meals and with Mr ND being a veggie, the Butternut Squash makes a pleasant change from using a meat alternative and using Goat’s cheese and Parmesan in place of our usual Cheddar gives the Lasagne totally different twist.

I am using ready made pasta but I do have a pasta maker, which I have never used, it’s on my to-do list, right at the top.  I would love to make my own next time.

This meal is very filling, serves 6 generously but will stretch to 8 served with a fresh salad or a side of vegetables.  Keeps well in the fridge overnight to heat up the next day.


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